Giovannella Gaetani Ceramics

Clay has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Naples, I vividly recall the wonder, I felt as a small child, in discovering that clay could be moulded into any shape you wished. Clay has been a grounding force throughout my life, a thread sometimes tenuous, sometimes prominent, depending on the circumstances, and places in which I’ve lived.

My passion and inspiration for the medium have never waned. My influences are varied and disparate including everyday objects, nature, and the world’s vast ceramic heritage, spanning thousands of years.

The main body of my work consists of hand made vases using the traditional method of coiling. The process of building shapes with coils takes time, entering a meditative, focused state. My forms are usually left unglazed, sometimes using slips and oxides. My vases are unique, one-off pieces, strong simple shapes pared down to their essence. Red terracotta clay is my preferred medium. I sometimes use clay which I dig directly from the fields around my house. I also make more utilitarian pieces using the wheel.

In contrast to the urban setting of my past, I now live in West Wales. My studio is in a place of quiet, in the remote countryside.